Humming by Elizabeth Zaikowski

Humming © Elizabeth Zaikowski

About the Artist: Elizabeth’s work portrays themes that originate in the spiritual character of the mandala and the world of magical fantasy and illusion. Mandalas are symbolic of the universe and its eternal character, which is to provide symmetry and balance. In much of her work, communication, connection and participation with nature’s cosmic world order are inherent themes. Her paintings are a reflection of the symmetrical nature of the universe. Her mother is an artist and her father was an astrophysicist; their influence on her childhood shows in her work, having given her a very strong interest in art. Each piece created is developed in an organic manner, starting from the center and working outward, using a combination of airbrush and acrylic paints. Through her art, she strives to create more balance in our sometimes chaotic world. By devoting her life to art, she believes art enriches our lives and spirits; expressing the need for balance in life.

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