Solfeggio Mandala 987Hz, Compassion, © Susan Prout

Solfeggio Mandala 987Hz, Compassion | © Susan Prout http://www.susanproutart.com/9872.html

About the Artist: Susan Prout began her life-long path of spiritual awakening with near death experiences at the ages of 4 and 6. It was these experiences where she was introduced to her own angels and was given the unique gift of visualizing her angels. In 1997 Susan’s gift was expanded to see the angels of everyone. She uses this unique gift to help others connect to their personal angels with guardian angel portraits and messages from their angels. The portraits are  unique and beautifully inspired framable art. Susan has continued to open and expand her gifts. Susan is a Usui, Karuna, Reiki Seichim Master, Advanced EMF Practitioner, and Quantum Touch Practitioner. She has also added Tuning Forks to create what she calls Angelic Sound/Frequency Therapy as a unique and masterful way to integrate sound and energy to simultaneously serve multiple levels of dis-ease in physical, mental/emotional and spiritual level. Most recently, Susan has been creating channeled mandalas based on the Solfeggio Frequencies creating both full-color Meditation Decks and Mandala Activation Guides. The intention of these tools are endless and one can find infinite space while using these tools. For more information, visit SusanProutArt.com.

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